Saturday, October 29, 2005

Like in the movies

Este es un escrito realizado por mi amigo Benjamín D'Andrea. Él vive en La Plata, Argentina, y como no tiene blog publico su texto, que por decir de alguna manera, es muy novedoso y referente de actitudes diarias. Muy bueno. Léanlo.
Contacto con Benjamín:

Like In The Movies

It was one of those days i will always regret not staying home and go to bed really early.

We were late, as usual, Leda, Júnior and myself. As soon as we sat down there, i started to feel rather out of place. The sound was awfully loud, I could barely hear the guys by my side. All that was audible was voices all around, but none of them was recognizable. I was really bored, and sleepy. I had decided not to go there, but the guys insisted. A lot. I couldn't refuse anymore. So I was there not in the best of my moods. The room was dark, really dark, it took me a while until my eyes got used to such darkness. Suddenly I was surprised by the image I saw; a couple making out right there, in front of everybody. Just for a second, or two, that interrupted me from my entranced state. Then i was back to myself in that seat.

I blinked my eyes, the next image I saw was girls. They were five or six. I blinked again, they were not just girls. They were strippers. Blink. Two of them were lying on the floor, blood all over the place. I was there, i didn't react at all. I felt a kind of numbness, and I didn't dare to move. I herd someone saying shhh! silence again. I blinked my eyes again. A guy was actually pulling a guy thru the window pane. Unbelievable. I wanted to get the hell out of there, as soon as possible. I was amazingly unconfortable there. My mind was making a list of all the things I should do once I left that place, though I couldn't think much with that noise. That annoying and at the same time familiar noise. It reminded me of a snore. It kept going as everything else did too. It was a nightmare.

Yes. It was a nightmare. It was right there when someone woke me from that nightmare and I realized i had fallen asleep several times during the movie. I wanted to kill my friends for dragging me to the cinema to see such a boring movie and at the same time I wandered what the hell I was doing there.

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