Saturday, December 24, 2005

Should we judge a book by its cover?

Should we judge a book by its cover?

Time goes faster than I thought. It sounds prettier in the calendar, because every year uses twelve pages and not three days like in reality. Time is harder and quick when it affects the steam that leaves from the skin. To walk, to roll, to feel and to cry are common issues of every day. They are what you and I we’ve wished like emotions for live during a boring Monday or happy Thursday.

Somebody said to me that I don’t give everything what really I could offer. It is certain. I know it very well because it is my greater deficiency. My biggest mistake. Nevertheless, sometimes I think that it is part of my anatomy, of my essence. They cannot judge to me by how I am if I already am. There’s not a simple solution. Neither pills nor surgeries, only understanding and love.

It isn’t possible to judge a book by its cover. In my case, the cover is not beautiful either. Nor ugly, but it is normal. It seems book of stories or strolls through a very green park.

Although it hurts me, I thank critics. But I’ll be wondering myself if should we judge a book by its cover. I like people who says what they believe, and if they believe that there’s mistakes on my behaviour, well, it is going to let me grow, to feel me strong and happy, with the idea to improve and to be every day a better book.

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