Friday, November 18, 2005

Can we have it all?

During last weeks I've been wondering a lot of questions. The same questions I've told you on my blog-almost-diary. If I'd be in New York, maybe wouldn't be so freak ask stupid questions and try to seem a philosopher, but as in Santiago there isn't a way to do it people'll understand it as monothematic think tank.
I have a lot of things for good living. My studies, my clothes, my underwear, copy-books, TV, radio, personal computer, a comfortable bed, cell phone, an optic mouse, chairs, perfums I don't wear, t-shirts, shoes and tennis, music, CDs and almost everything I could need in that way of needs. But when I go in the way of but inherent I got there aren't so much thigs for numb. My good friends are three as maxim. My e-pen... well, I could summarize it to two or three, sadly so far from Chile. Well, as new summary I created a question with known answer: Can we have it all?. Yeah. We might, but only if that all doesn't consider the pains and breaks your heart must have. So, again...A contradiction: There's not way to have it all.

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