Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Alley

Here I show you a new creation of my Argentinian friend, Benjamín D'Andrea. He developed it for a class in ULP. So, if you wanna read an interesting text, suspense literature maybe, Here you've the chance. Let's enjoy it.

Contact with Benjamin D'Andrea at:

La Plata, Buenos Aires, República Argentina

The Alley

Night had fallen into the alley, plunging it into complete darkness. Deafening silence was to be heard from every little corner. Shadows grew even darker, hiding all movements from human eyes. Being really tired, I decided to lie down. I could see most of the alley from that window. Silence was piercing. Heavy footsteps made all heads turn and stood in silent expectancy. Running steps, heavy breath, unsuccessfully trying not to be noticed. With feline eyes I percieved a fair skin, shining while the only ray of moonlight hit it. Head bobbed several times, as a scared lizard looking for shelter. There wasn’t any. A heart beating in dispair, desperately running away, being chased. Te sour odor of a sweat body, reminiscent of an imported perfume. Silented footsteps, having a sense of control over the situation came closer, creeping up on the victim. The glittering of a knife blade made all the witnessing pupils on the alley dilate. The sound of the knife opening his way into human flesh, tearing tissues and organs, was almost imperceptible. Not a single scream. The attacker run away with a leather bag. Silence reigned again in the alleyway. The smell of blood that flooded the place was strong and sweet. Everything kept quiet for a couple of minutes. I went down the fire escape stairs, feeling the cold steel with my hairy bare feet, walking with soundless paces I reached the body. I carefully walked arround a few times, I smelled the blood, feeling a strange satisfactory pleasure. I stepped forward, I touched her breasts, caressing her smooth and well taken care skin. She was still alive, her heart still moving inside her chest. Both her vitreous eyes remained motionlessly open. I waited. I waited for her to die. Her heart pumped blood through her veins for the last time, releasing her from the pain, and from the only remnant of life. I kissed her wounds, my mustaches drenching in blood. I felt pity for her. Her body waiting for someone to find it. My moonlit eyes read Susan embroidered on the recently lifeless girl’s shirt. Suddenly I was frightened away by the sound of barking dogs approaching. I rapidly ran away from the crime scene, leaving a track of blood with my feet. I was not afraid of being followed, after all, I’d been living in that alley for a long time. I went up the stairs again, and climbed the window. A feeling of comfort overwhelmed me. I was happy to found a bowl filled up with my favorite chow when I got there.

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