Sunday, November 13, 2005

Answers and questions

I was reading my papers. I was trying to persuade myself to improve my mood and desire of be concentrated and study more that 20 minute without a coffee-break. The first reason I got because of my uncoherent chance of only one way of believing is I need questioning. There're millions of infinite questions around my head. They do not come to my world so easy as I'd want. I ought to catch 'em, but if I don't have an answer for How can I catch them? How?

Now, I peer at my photocopies and my neurones weep. They do not want to read, neither process the information nor to keep in the way of asks. So, when I'm in the utterance barrieer of my doubts, I wonder... Is it time to stop questioning?

The weapons I've for my defence are softer than a cloud. Softer than a question, but powerfulest than my main bless: The opportunity of think about it all. As long as I ain't wonder... Who?

Now the question is: How'll I end this mind-writing or article? The answer...obviously is a question.


Any said...

Hola, estoy en lo mismo. Estancada.
No paso de mirar por encima el montón de fotocpias que tenemos para leer. Bueno para tratar de hacer algo productivo escribí en mi blog, al igual que tú.
Me agrada esto de que seas bilingüe, admiración y envidia en este minuto para Fernando.

Fernando Olmos said...

Me gusta sentirme envidiado, sentir envidia me da náuseas.
soy un caso, lo sé.