Sunday, November 13, 2005

Being cool

I added the last Gwen Stefani's video on my blog. Its title is Cool. Hey! Spanish readers, it doesn't mean the original translation as fresco, cool'd be like a great or excellent. Divine wouldn't be my prefered word for the cool's meaning.
There are twenty hours among the moment I put the video on the blog's script and the moment I think what I write at this time. Twenty hours which said me that I'm cool and everyone might be cool.
We can be divine if people let us be cool. It's an attitude or a desire, a prerrogative or a miracle. The coolness born from the bottom of our souls, I mean, we seem a stupid freaky, a common snob or a unmagical man named Muggle, but if we consider ourselves as cool people, it's just faboulous, and if the one which watches you think as you & me, well... That's cool too.
Being cool is an attitude. So, strike a pose. Strike a cool pose.

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Anonymous said...

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