Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A really weird day

Today has been a really weird day. At morning I woke up, without sense, before my clock started ringing, wishing break it. Alter that, I got a shower, comfortable and backpainless. However, everything became black again ‘cause I lost my glasses yesterday. Lucky, when I came to my office, they were about my desk waiting for me. They’re good partners. I love ‘em, though in several times I thought they weren’t the right design for me. Anyway, It does not care, really.

Well, now is noon and I passed a very strong rain that wet me enough, and a earthquake that moved with strenght the fifth level where I work. Damn it, sometimos I hate living into a sismical country like this. No easy-going watching how your floor is hitting yourself and moving, without chances of control it. Everybody gets furious, bother, and though it’s normal here, it’s not cool, you know.


Ric Vil Hori said...

Hi, thanks for your compliment on my sci fi website :) Both our countries are within the 'ring of fire' so earthquakes also tend to happen here in Davao south of Philippines. Hope things are ok, it's just our mother planet having to adjust a bit.

Fernando Olmos said...

Yes, you’re right. Living into a ring of fire’s country we shouldn’t protest or fight against nature. It controlles us… Anyway, it doesn’t really care… I just thank that yesterday’s quake wasn’t bigger than another.
My cheers from Chile


Ric Vil Hori said...

Fernando, we were taught from the mindset of 'control' by those who seek to control, but with Nature it is more like seeking harmony. We are yet to perceive things from Nature that will open up beyond our present situation to more profound perspectives.

May I suggest to also open my other website
I talked of stuffs regarding us and Nature in 'A Vision on Culture' and us having the right to mold our Future by being aware in what I term as 'Rocket's Theory'.