Thursday, May 10, 2007

Summary of a cloudy thursday

It's the 1st time I do a daily summary. Today everything worked fine. I cannot be so bad thanked to say it was bad.

I interviewed Carole Baudin, a French ergonomist, and her Usach mate, Carolina Marchant, about their works, project and investigations of quality of life and social healthy in the territories of my university.

Furthermore, I spent some time with Alberto Leguina and her friend Ariana Riquelme, who is the "bajo girl" of La PulpOrchestra. Alberto was invited to Caracol La noche con estilo cultural, a radio-show host by Carla Santana Bustamante and Maritza Tapia Fierro. They both asked him a lot of questions about his carieer in music, sciences and all the efforts he's doing for mix his science profession with music, mainly now he wanna record a big cd, after promote the homonimus EP, Alberto Leguina, checkeable at myspace in the next account:

Notwithstanding this post is like the last I did, named Schedule, I'll do it 'cause today started different. First of all, very cloudy and foggy, this thursday wasn't the best future day, but it happened as all days we wannan't live. I woke up at 7.20, sadly, b'cuz I ought to take my feet on floor at nine, but I do not know what the hell past through my neurones when I watched the clock, I saw 8.20, being it was just 7.20. Anyway. I began a bit earlier my day. I've might to do a lot of things I usually don't do, like effiving the Blog de Boggart.

Okay, now I shall start to write some parts of the interview to Alberto done tonight in Brainworks cafe at Bellas Artes downtown, and the one done to Mrss.Baudin and Marchant.

Cheers and have a bonasera.


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