Saturday, June 10, 2006

Living in the world of realities

That night I thought about reality. I started thinking how reality affects us in our daily issues, although its the one 'cause daily issues exists. Sometimes we can't deny there're so much activities we'd not do, or we wouldn't wish to know that are possible doing. Maybe one of this activities is thinking about love. Yes, about love and relationships that says us turn our heads to the left or to the right. Have we ever forget the center? What about the times, Have we ever forget we might to get a relationship in midnight? or at the afternoon? Can you imagine anything more romantic that a new relationship in a rainy afternoon with someone you haven't seen in 12 years?... You must be wondering why I add this number to my speech... Just someone in my latitude knows what I mean. Isn't it?

Well, Meanwhile someones are dating underneath the rain, or insight a circus, I get better my knowledge about foreign politics and fashion magazines. There's witty, You see I'm using witty's meaning, to improve your own relationship with yourself in pos of having a best reality. Reality isn't a cruel or evil friend, neighter a foe nor a mother-in-law. My mouth gets my new green tea in my new reality: the one is green, soft, liquid and nice... but as Sondre Lerche would say again: on and off again in times: Time is a reality: we might improve it and drive it as well we wish to.

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Good day!
hi there, my name is Tom.

found this website and read some great discussion and feedback so decided to join

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