Saturday, June 17, 2006

Football is about balls

Football is about balls.

Tonight I began a strange process. Different questions comparing my typicalls. Painfull considerations that not do anything else that break or hurt a bit my heart, but more than this is just a new topic for considering the importance of news.
I saw the CNN and the journalist said Life's football, football is the motto. I couldn't deny my quick question and inductive mental process: If football is life, and the balls are the tool that make possible that football exist... Could we say that today life is like the balls? or more sarcastic... Is our own lifes in the position or place correspondient to someone's balls?
As often, I dunno have answer for my Bradshaw questions, but more that attitude is my permanent questioning process that plays faire play, as in football, but without a green field that would let me fall without the obvious blood on my knees.

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