Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The new Nano

The Ipod is for sure one of the most successful objects created in the last ten years. Where does its secret lie? Well, easy, it’s Nano: small and basic. Considering that, why not applying this same concept to other things? For example, why not to a car?Tata Nano, the last creation from Indian Tata Motors, is 3.1m long, 1.5m wide, 1.6m high; four to five people can seat inside it and it meets European emission standards. It has no air conditioning, no electric windows and no power steering.
More than anything, it costs only 100,000 rupees ($2,500). It has been recently unveiled at the Indian biggest car show in Delhi and it’s destined to revolution the whole Indian mass transportation system, being the people’s vehicle which will allow a huge number of families to buy a car and get rid of overcrowded scooters and wobbly rickshaws. Funny detail: it looks very similar to the car literally “sculpted” by an Indian guy in a recent Peugeot commercial.

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