Sunday, January 28, 2007

Relationships are...

The realest motto about relationships, is that sometimes we don’t know anything.
You don’t catch the person you want to, and often which you want is not the one you’re needing.
But if you have faith, universe works to offer you what you really need.
The step you have to do is give yourself the chance of being alone, until that person ought appears.
You shouldn’t be hidden…
To suffer by love is bad,
But not suffer by love is even worst
The answers aren’t in a speech neither a book, but
Maybe if you smile you may get the perfect partner
I believe in all this, notwithstanding all my friend advices. I’m still an optimistic.
That’s the curious way of love.
If love would be so easy like it sounds…. Everybody would have one.


compass said...

"...You don’t catch the person you want to, and often which you want is not the one you’re needing..."

Maybe we should try to be needful to others rather than needing someone?? Rather than waiting and seeking someone, maybe it is rocking to notice nearby and try to establish relationship, try to make it everlasting ang evergreen fresh?? It would be complicated but friutful n interesting?

When we, our girls imagine in our mind our cute decent Mr.Right, then he'z nt cuming. mostly neva comes, we know it but still not losing the hope? :)

compass said...

yours is nice as well. I'm glad visiting here. tnx for leaving ya comment on my blog. :)

nEo said...

nice post

i think you are right about relationships , but i think faith has to do so many thing in it :)

nice blog man ..keep up the good work

best wishes from kuwait :)

Gixy said...

I visited your blog because you visited mine.Thanks for nice words you said about my blog.It seems to me you think a lot...Have a nice time and be always optimistic!

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